Every gamer needs to play with pals at some point! Sure, wandering the infinite planes of gm_flatgrass in sandbox can seem fun with your Gman Ragdoll, but wouldn't it be more fun with other players to play with that ragdoll with you? Introducing Delpherein Game Servers, or DGS for short, take your pick. We utilize servers designed to handle massive loads of information and think on it, just the kind of loads that games use! As with our website hosting, we use dual-Xeon servers to ensure for maximum threaded performance on all of your game servers!


We host a variety of games, as touched on in the next section, to allow for the greatest variety of whatever you may want! These servers can be rated for a large amount of players, or just a small private server for you and your buddies! How many players connect, how much resources your server will need, and how much bandwidth rates how much you will be charged per month of hosting. We also provide server backups at a cost, as well as the ability to archive whatever data is moveable (such as a Minecraft world,) or even send it to you at will!


We host a variety of servers, all customizable to your exact liking! We host servers for Minecraft, Team Fortress 2, Garry's Mod, Counter Strike, Rust, and more! If you want a server for a game not listed, just let us know and we will see what we can do about it!


What is a game without a bit of a spice to it? Modding is that spice, and can be shared with your friends through your server. Mods/Addons, depending on the game, can completely change it, and some servers even rely on mods to even work properly! The best thing about it is, unlike Bethesda, we don't believe in any limit to it, nor profeteering off it! Load that server to the MAX!


Discord Bots, the talking point of any server! Used for a variety of functions, a bot can CERTAINLY help increase bot the credibility and the "ecosystem," if you will, of your server! Be it an admin bot, a radio bot, or a bot where you and your friends can talk about Golf with. My bots have got you covered!


Fill out the form below to submit a request and we will get back to you with a price!