It's a new day; and it's your time to shine! It's time to take the mobile market into your own hands! You've saved up a lot of money; great! Now it's time to put all of your eggs into one basket, and you need a fantastic new app in order to expand your business! Delpherein Studios is happy to help you in this endeavour! We utilize Swift for IOS development, and Java for Android development! If you're looking for the largest possible range of people, then why not go with both Apple and Android! Now these are rather difficult languages, hence their mark up; but we can assure you whatever product is designed will be as top notch as possible! On top of that, your app can interact with our servers should you need it! Quite a convenient solution to a great return!


Apple is more suited for the people, resulting in great gains in viewer base from how curated the AppStore is. The AppStore is personally curated by Apple, and they keep a pretty close eye on it; meaning that not many needless applications can get through. For this reason, people believe Apple to be the one to go with. Android is more suited for a wider net, but Apple App Development is made in a market smaller by app volume, making it more likely your app will be noticed. Pricing varies on the complexity of the app.


Being that Android is 86.6% of the (2020) market share, opting for Android is also a great move! Android Development can help reach out to a wider variety of people world wide, or people within North America who do not wish to use Apple! Android's primary coding language is in Java, and will in turn cost you more than iOS development; but will still result in significant return at your own risk. Pricing varies on the complexity of the app.


App Hosting is a service provided by us in which you can have your apps interacting with our servers to give your users a more user friendly experience! Be it simple Apple to Android data sharing or having the app integrate with your website, our App Hosting methods are the best for it! This is a per month cost, similar to our Web Hosting methods; as well as any other add-ons/maintenance fees. Pricing is varied on complexity of data being transferred; Applications and App Hosting are sold separately.


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